How We Help Clients to Develop and Implement
Sophisticated, Cost-Effective Regulatory Strategies
The Regulatory Strategy Group, L.L.C,, helps clients to develop and
implement proactive compliance and reactive regulatory strategies.  In all
cases, we creatively develop strategies for working effectively and
efficiently with the regulatory authorities.
Proactive strategies encourage the adoption of favorable
requirements or their interpretations by
  • identifying all of the stakeholders for a regulatory issue;
  • comprehensively reviewing their likely influences on the
    development, application or interpretation of regulatory
  • evaluating the alternatives for addressing the impacts of those
    stakeholders’ influences; and
  • selecting a strategy which supports the client’s goals.  

Compliance strategies maximize regulatory benefits while
minimizing regulatory costs by
  • identifying the relevant requirements, guidelines, and precedents;
  • evaluating the regulatory environment, including regulatory
    initiatives; and
  • identifying and developing plans to cost-effectively derive
    benefits from the implementation of alternatives consistent with
    these regulatory findings.

Reactive strategies address responses to alleged regulatory
non-compliances by
  • fully investigating the factual situation;
  • accurately determining the applicable requirements;
  • reviewing precedent and its recent direction of development;
  • realistically determining regulatory exposure;
  • developing alternative responses and evaluating their total costs;
  • selecting the strategy most likely to avoid or mitigate regulatory
    penalties for the lowest total cost.
The Regulatory Strategy Group, L.L.C
Experts in all steps of the regulatory process